Site Modifications. ≈ 24 hours to launch!!

Posted: September 30th, 2009 | Author:

While we have been logging progress in the form of posts, we will now be committing critical sources and research to their own pages. The new Documentation link above will direct you to all fundamental project files as we develop them, as well as a list of sources as they emerge. We will be continuing to develop the app for at least the duration of the AiOP program. New features slated to be released during the following month will include data export capabilities (both raw and graphical), the mobile-optimized site, additional visualization options and GPS locative functions. Additionally, we will be continuing to refine our process to improve the accuracy of the presented information, as presently it is merely representative of all that is easily culled from web searches. We will post to this blog and the AiOP blog as developments are made and new features are released. Please check back frequently!

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